Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Charter FAQs

For first-time charterers and seasoned sailors alike, the information below addresses some commonly held questions. Please reach out to us with any additional questions or concerns.

Do we need to know how to sail?

Absolutely not. While some of our guests find great enjoyment in participating in the mechanics of sailing an historic yacht, whether hoisting sails or grinding winches, it is neither expected nor required. Our captain and crew are there to command Eros 24/7. Should guests wish to participate at any point, our crew is happy to involve you in an authentic and meaningful way. Whether through active involvement or casual observation, our guests young and old always disembark with the satisfaction of having learned a great deal about the sport of sailing.

Is life on board comfortable?

Not surprisingly, yes! Eros prides itself as a luxury yachting experience, with guest comfort and enjoyment our top priority. Staterooms are outfitted with premium linens, toiletries, hair dryers and air conditioning, and receive daily housekeeping. A variety of indoor and outdoor areas give guests the option of choosing between sun and shade, social gatherings or quiet alone time. There is ample plush seating both on deck and indoors, and a plethora of water sports equipment, games and entertainment systems mean guests are never at a loss for what to do.

Are daily activities flexible or structured?

Your vacation is as flexible or structured as you wish it to be. The days are yours to plan as you desire within the framework of your itinerary. When anchored, our crew will be happy to assist with activities, whether arranging land excursions or assisting with water sports, including driving the boat. They might guide you to a secluded swimming spot, suggest a favorite local watering hole, or offer your kids an impromptu sailing lesson while you catch a nap on deck. Our captain likes to speak to the main charterer well in advance of the start date so your dream vacation can be put into gear prior to your arrival. Guests are also asked to complete a Preferences Sheet in advance which covers food and beverage requests and a variety of other information that is used to make sure we get everything just right.

Can we go SCUBA diving?

Eros does not provide SCUBA diving equipment, but can arrange for diving excursions with local providers. In most cases, they can pick you up right from Eros.

What should we pack?

A vacation on Eros is typically a warm weather, warm water affair. Cooler nights are unlikely, but always possible. Casual, comfortable outfits are the norm. Eros has significant awnings offering plenty of shade, except while under sail. Towels and most recreational equipment are provided (see Activities page for details). In addition to your favorite vacation wear, we recommend a light windbreaker, sandals as well as closed-toe shoes for hiking and sailing, sun protection, that book you’ve been dying to read, and your favorite music or video playlists to plug into our onboard entertainment systems. Upon booking, a more detailed packing list will be provided.

Celebrating Special Occasions

We love a good party! Eros is a uniquely special place to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and other occasions. Please communicate this in advance with the captain, and together the crew will make it an occasion to remember.

What time is check-in and check-out?

Guests typically board around noon on the start date of their charter, and depart Eros late morning on the last day. When booking surrounding travel plans, it is advisable to allow for the possibility of unexpected travel delays. We recommend that you arrive at your starting point the previous day, and allow several hours following your return to shore before your departing flight home.

What if weather or other circumstances interfere with our itinerary?

Eros’s calendar is designed to place the boat in optimal weather conditions year-round. In the unlikely event circumstances arise preventing Eros from holding to her predetermined itinerary, your Captain will suggest a safe alternative based on his expertise.

Can you accommodate dietary preferences, restrictions and allergies?

Absolutely. Prior to your vacation, we’ll ask you to complete a Preference Questionnaire. Our chef will provision Eros in accordance with your food & beverage requests. Throughout your charter, our chef shop regularly to procure fresh fish, meats, fruits & vegetables. As supply is tied to local availability, we try our best to accommodate all wishes, and will communicate any changes with you.

What if we get seasick?

Most of our charter guests never feel seasick because we tend to cruise in calm waters whenever possible. Depending on the itinerary that you discuss with the Captain, Eros may be forced to pass over some rougher waters, but these will always be kept to a minimum. Guests prone to seasickness are advised to consult with their doctor prior to their vacation to discuss the various over-the-counter and prescription remedies available.

What if we have a medical emergency?

Eros keeps a fully-stocked first aid kit on board. Our crew is fully trained in CPR and US Coast Guard first aid practices. Should a situation arise requiring additional medical attention, our Captain will contact the nearest doctor, hospital or other care facility. Our sailing routes ensure we are never far from medical facilities if needed. Thanks to on board satellite phone it is very easy to contact your own doctors directly.

Is there telephone & internet access?

Your vacation will most likely be within range of most cellular carriers. If you would like to use your phone while onboard, it is recommended to contact your carrier in advance of departure to discuss your options. Eros provides a free wireless hot spot to our guests wherever we can access a local cell signal. For offshore locations away from cellular signals, the satellite Wi-Fi & telephone is available at an additional cost.

Is there electricity onboard?

Eros runs on standard US 110 volts and has US outlet plugs, so you can charge electronics and use hair dryers on board.

What about passports, documentation & clearance fees?

If visiting Eros in foreign waters, guests will need a valid passport. Passports must be valid a minimum of 6 months beyond the date your return, and should safely have 1-2 blank Visa pages. Visas, however, are generally not required. If during the charter the yacht leaves one country and enters another, the Captain will need to clear customs with all passports in hand. In rare instances, charter guests are required to visit the customs or immigration offices of a foreign country. The Captain will do his best to minimize the inconvenience to the guests, and to clear customs as expeditiously as possible. We cannot be responsible for delays caused by immigration officers. Fees charged by customs or immigration will be passed along to the charterers. A safe in the Captain’s quarters is available for safe storage of passports or other valuables.

Do we need additional insurance?

Eros carries adequate insurance for the vessel, crew and charterers. Guests may wish to purchase additional travelers’ insurance at their discretion. Please discuss this with your charter broker.

What is not included in the charter price?

The yacht, accommodations, equipment and sporting toys, and her crew are included for the charter price. The following are not included:

· Food and beverage.
· Fuel (for tenders, main engine and generators).
· Travel insurance (optional).
· Satellite phone or internet charges (only in the event Wi-Fi becomes unavailable)
· Additional land or water activities hosted by a third party
· Marina fees should charterers request to dock in port rather than anchor offshore.
· Customs or immigration fees if travelling aboard Eros from one country to another
· Gratuities for the Captain & crew

I’m a novice, but would like to participate in a sailing race/regatta. Is this possible?

Eros participates in several classic yacht regattas each year, both in the Caribbean and in New England. She is available for charter during most of them. Eros requires about 20 sailors to safely race. While many of the positions need skilled sailors, there are several that can be handled by novices and beginners. We are happy to discuss this with you if you would like to join a group on board, or bring your own group together to charter the entire boat.

Where does the boat anchor at night?

Most of the charter itineraries are set up such that Eros anchors overnight in beautiful protected bays. This provides our guest with some of the most serene and beautiful settings on earth, providing stunning views, wonderful atmosphere and privacy. Our tenders can easily transport your entire group, or just those that want to go, ashore to wonderful restaurants, beaches or other shoreside adventures. Eros can also dock in marinas if that is your preference, but the docking fees are passed along to the guests.