Colin began his sailing career in his home, the Pacific Northwest, while he was in college. He has spent the last 10+ years working on a variety of vessels all over the world. His experience includes multiple Caribbean and Mediterranean sailing seasons, two transatlantic voyages and many super yacht regattas. Colin holds his 200-ton Near Coastal USCG Captain’s license. In his off time Colin owns and maintains his own sailboat and enjoys cruising around the greater New England area.

Esteban Mogollon

First Mate

Esteban’s passion for sailing began in south Florida, where he would race his older sister in a couple lasers across Biscayne Bay. He became enchanted with classic sailboats after working on a few schooners in Newport, RI and Connecticut. Currently holding a 100-Ton Near Coastal USCG Captain’s license, he aspires to upgrade to a 200-Ton license. Beyond the sea, Esteban finds joy in woodworking, surfing, and watching fútbol.

Heather Stout


Heather grew up in the southwest desert of Utah and migrated to the eastern coast over a decade ago, where she ended up in Maine and fell in love with classic wooden schooners, the rugged Atlantic shoreline, and the hearty New England agriculture. With over twenty years of experience in restaurants and farming, Heather knows the importance of promoting local food culture by finding and learning the expertise of farmers, ingredients, and practices from the different regions we visit. She places an emphasis on healthy and vibrant meals, and brings a clear message of sustainability and nourishment to her cuisine.



Bri grew up on Jamestown Island across the bridge from Newport, RI, where she naturally fell in love with the ocean, and boats. After a stint in the Hawaiian islands, she moved to the Virgin Islands to be close to her first love, warm ocean waters. Drawn to the yachts in the harbor she took a job on a charter boat and has not looked back. She has rounded out her guest service experience with several years working in restaurants and hotels and truly loves to make sure Eros’s charter guests’ expectations are exceeded every minute they are on board. Bri also prides herself on her excellent mixology skills.

Tami Stawicki

Chief Stew

For Tami grew up on the coast of Connecticut before moving to New York to work as an actuary. After five years, she wanted to focus on traveling and made the switch to work as a host on yachts in Croatia. After a couple of seasons and working various hospitality roles, she is excited to join the crew on Eros. In her free time, Tami enjoys reading, walking, swimming, and running.

Sailing Eros

Sailing a large classic like Eros is pure joy for veteran and novice sailors alike. Under a warm, tropical breeze, she heels gently and accelerates to ten knots or more, easily keeping pace with lighter and newer yachts. Guests can hoist sails, grind winches, take the wheel, or sit back and watch the crew at their positions; all once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Experienced sailors are welcome to charter Eros for one of the several classic yacht regattas she participates in during the year.

Safety on Board

The safety of our guests is our highest priority. All crewmembers are trained in CPR, and Eros is stocked with adult and child-size life jackets as well as a complete medical first aid kit. On board satellite phone and Wi-Fi internet keep us in contact with the mainland, and our sailing routes mean we are never far from medical facilities if needed.