Meal and snack time are one of the most important parts of an exceptional yachting vacation. Cuisine aboard Eros is always exactly what you want it to be. Our guests are asked to complete a questionnaire on their culinary desires, including allergies and dietary restrictions. Our chef and chief stewardess then get to work creating the perfect menu for your vacation, which can be shared with you in advance.
Our chef procures freshest meat, fish and vegetables available.

Eros’s chef can create the perfect menu for a romantic dinner for two, to a family of eight with different eating preferences, and everything in between.

Meals are prepared based on individualized requirements. Eros can cater to any and all of the following dietary preferences:

  • Keto and Ayurvedic
  • Vegetarian and Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Pescatarian
  • And of course, omnivores

Nondairy and sugar-free desserts can be offered, as well as a wide variety of frozen, baked and fresh offerings. We can provide cakes and other specialty desserts for any special occasion.

Beverages are equally important. Your preferences of mixed cocktails and mocktails, wines, beers, non-alcoholic beverages and coffee drinks are also included on the questionnaire. Our serving team will be at the ready throughout the day making sure your thirst is always quenched.